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3 White Vases

Our Range of Products

Bowls, Mugs, Vases, Containers, Raku, Saggar, Agateware and more


Raku Collection

From £10-£65

Raku is an exciting technique which often produces quite dramatic results. Ideal for a special someone who would love a one off, unique piece

Saggar Fired Collection

From £8-£55

Saggar is a technique in which oxides and other combustibles are added to the pot prior to wrapping it in either foil or clay and then rapid firing - you really never know what you will get which is part of the excitement. Very organic and reminiscent of the natural world


Agateware Collection

From £8 - £45

Agatware combines different types and or colours (achieved by mixing stains into white clay) of clay in layers. Throwing on the wheel produces swirl patterns while handbuilding can produce intricate and detailed patterns (generally called Nerikomi, a Japanese technique)

Kitchen and Dinner ware

From £10 - £45

We also carry lots of practical kitchen and dinnerware including fabulous mugs, bowls, jugs and casserole dishes to name a few.

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