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Feather donut vase

Feather donut vase

A unique piece of pottery, this is raku fired and polished with clear tile wax for a glossy sheen and waterproofing. Looks stunning with dried flowers or a single bud. Definitely one of a kind! 7" tall x 6.5" wide

  • Caring for waxed products

    Your saggar/feather pot is unglazed. It is burnished and waxed. As such it doesn’t have the same qualities as other glazed pots. It is not dishwasher or food safe (although dry goods can be stored or used with them e.g. fruit, crisps, bread – they may be wiped clean with a damp cloth) and not completely waterproof. It will hold water, but may sweat. The wax (clear tile wax, beeswax or clear furniture polish are the waxes I use) can be periodically reapplied to make it more watertight and refresh the shine.

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